Conference Theme & Sub-Themes

Conference Theme: The Nexus of Land Use Change, Ecosystem & Climate: A Path Towards SDGs

AsiaFlux Conference 2022 Sub-Themes

Sub-themes 1: Ecosystem Dynamics

  • Regional carbon, water & energy budgets
  • Biogeochemical processes & hydrological cycles in Asian ecosystems
  • Spatial & temporal dynamics of ecosystem-atmosphere exchange (eddy covariance, remote sensing, modeling, chamber, etc.)
  • Eco-physiological, hydrological, & biogeochemical processes in soil-plant-atmosphere continuum

Sub-themes 2: Environmental Variability & Climate Change

  • Ecosystem responses to natural & anthropogenic changes such as climate, wildfire & land management practices
  • Impacts of extreme events & disturbance such as hurricanes, droughts, insect outbreaks & flooding on ecosystem processes
  • Impacts of climate change on food & water security

Sub-themes 3: Land Use Change

  • GHG fluxes from agricultural & other land use ecosystems
  • Role & impacts of reactive trace gases (such as ozone & volatile organic compounds), clouds & aerosols on air quality & climate
  • Land use change & urbanization effects on energy, water & biogeochemical cycles
  • Impacts of land use change on food & water security

Sub-themes 4: Communicating Science to Society

  • Adaptation, mitigation & sustainable land management (ecosystem conservation, land restoration, etc.)
  • Knowledge transfer to policy makers & society

Sub-themes 5: FLUXNET Methane

  • Synthesis of eddy covariance methane flux data from freshwater, coastal, upland, natural & managed ecosystems
  • Geographic & temporal coverage of methane flux measurements globally

Sub-themes 6: New Instrumentation, Products, and Tools

  • Application of new methodology in flux measurements
  • Innovation in instrumentation and monitoring