Tropical Peat Swamp Excursion

[Rescheduling Tropical Peat Swamp Excursion Programme]

Kindly be informed that AsiaFlux 2022 Tropical Peat Swamp Excursion to Maludam National Park has been rescheduled earlier for September, 22nd - September, 23rd 2022. This post-conference field trip aims to give participants the opportunity to experience for themselves, the tropical peat swamp forest of Borneo.

For your information, Maludam National Park is located five-hour away from the Sarawak Tropical Peat Research Institute (TROPI). Therefore, this trip will require a one-night stay at Sri Aman before continuing the journey to Lingga. From Lingga, participants will take a 30-minute boat ride to cross the Batang Lupar River. The Eddy covariance tower is located 4.2 km from the riverbank. Therefore, participants will be required to walk on a footpath and TROPI staff will be escorting the group to assist with all the participants’ inquiries and needs.

Transportation and accommodation for this excursion trip are provided. However, due to limitations on hotel room, participants will be lodged on a twin sharing basis (two people sharing the same room), which will be administered by our staff.

Time : 14:00 pm
Date : September 22nd - 23rd , 2022 (Thursday - Friday)
Assembly Point : Sarawak Tropical Peat Research Institute, Kuching, MALAYSIA.
Excursion Site : Maludam National Park, Betong, Sarawak, MALAYSIA.
Transit hotel : Seri Simanggang Hotel, Sri Aman, Sarawak, MALAYSIA.
(Thursday,  22nd September 2022)

Notes: Shuttle service to Imperial Hotel Kuching is available on 23rd September 2022.


  1. Advisable to wear sports attire and hiking shoes on 23 Sept 2022 (Friday)- one hour walk to the tower site.
  2. Participants to communicate their dietary specification to the organizer during registration.
  3. Participants to bring their own medication and health supplements.
  4. Travel itinerary can be found in below.

Travel itinerary