Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations for AsiaFlux 2022 Conference will be in English and should cover the same material as your abstract. We kindly request that authors follow these guidelines:

Preview Facilities

  1. Presentations should be handed in at the Secretariat Desk any day before or 3 hours prior to the session of presentation.
  2. The Secretariat Desk will be opened from 8.00 am until 6.00 pm. Speakers need to check with the Secretariat members for registration and to verify presentation slides.
  3. The Secretariat Desk is equipped with PC’s, with Microsoft Office suites (Microsoft Office 2010 or later).
  4. Presentations are to be transferred via a USB device, preferably a USB thumb drive.

Presentation facilities

  1. Presentation projection facilities are available in the auditorium.
  2. Speakers will not be permitted to use their own laptops for their presentations.
  3. Speakers must use the supplied computer hardware.
  4. The presentation will be copied to the supplied computer during registration at the Secretariat Desk.
  5. A wireless slide advancer and pointer will be provided.
  6. A technician or stage manager will be available nearby to assist with any enquiries. Speakers are encouraged to be nearby at least 30 mins prior to the start of your session.

Guidelines for PowerPoint Presentations

  1. All presentations may be prepared in PowerPoint format (Microsoft Office 2010 or later) to the conference on a USB device.
  2. The PowerPoint slides should be in 16:9 aspect ratio.
  3. It is strongly advised that to deal with unforeseen circumstances, speakers are to bring an extra copy of all presentation files.
  4. If you prepare your presentation in a different format, please consult with our technician members at least a day prior to your session.

Time allocation for each presentation is as follows:

a) Plenary :
30 mins
b) Keynote : 20 mins (17 mins presentation + 3 mins Q&A)
c) Oral : 15 mins (12 mins presentation + 3 mins Q&A)

Please note that the above allocated time are the maximum. Presenters are encouraged to keep their presentation succinct.

  1. To clearly identify your presentation, please save your electronic file as “First Name_Last Name”(e.g., “John_Anderson”).
  2. Please ensure your first slide is a title slide clearly stating your name, presentation title and current affiliation.
  3. Embedded audio & video files used in the presentation should be saved to the same storage media as the main Power Point file. Please alert our technician beforehand if your presentation contains audios & videos.
  4. Videos should be in a standard video format, executable on video players supplied by Windows. If using other formats, please consult with the Technical team to assist with video execution.