Young Scientist Meeting

The AsiaFlux’s Young Scientist Meeting will be organized with the aim of providing opportunities for a discussion, in a semi-casual setting, with senior scientists and early career scientists from in and outside of Asia as well as to create platform for future collaboration. Leading figures in the flux research community, will present insights into their journey as a flux scientist from the beginnings of their career to inspire future scientists as they face the challenges of starting their own scientific careers. With their extensive knowledge and experience in the field, it will enrich the audiences' experience as they journey through their own.

Tentative programme is as per below detail.

Date  : 21st September 2022
Time : 18:30 - 20:00 MYT
Venue : Board Room, Conference venue
Speakers : 1. Prof. Dr. Alexander Knohl, University of Göttingen
    2. Dr Gavin McNicol, University of Illinois at Chicago


Time Program
18:30 Presentation by invited speakers
  1. Dr Alexander Knohl
  2. Dr Gavin McNicol
19:10 Break (Refershment provided
19:25 Group discussion
19:45 5 minutes sharing by each group
20:00 Meeting ends